Hasta el Final
Real Madrid | Ricardo Kaka | Mesut Ozil...
I am a football addict.i watch almost every league I like many many teams.
Copa del Rey ‘14 celebration at Cibeles

Celebration at Cibeles

Cristiano Ronaldo has been a real friend and a great teammate to have by my side. He’s constantly giving me advices and helping me a lot. He was already my idol before I came here and have the chance to know him, but now that I do know him and play on the same team as him, the only thing I can say is that I admire him even more" (Gareth Bale)

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FC Barcelona - Real Madrid | Gareth Bale ‘85

"How many clubs can say that they have a world class, youth academy graduate for a captain? For a symbol? ‘cause he is a symbol.
When you think Madrid, you think Iker. You think those scarves and flags around his waist. You think him touching the crossbar. You think him crying and crying because Madrid is his one true love. (as if this club is not the love of his life).
Is there ANYONE who shows this much passion, this much LOVE for Real Madrid?” -Millie