Hasta el Final
Real Madrid | Ricardo Kaka | Mesut Ozil...
I am a football addict.i watch almost every league I like many many teams.

Real Madrid warm up (x)

"The fans are disappointed with the team and a defeat for Madrid hurts them as much as it hurts us. We’re disappointed for the club and for the supporters. We didn’t play as good as we needed to and it was the same situation against Real Sociedad.

The fans views are to be respected. If they feel the need to whistle then we need to accept this and keep working hard. We need to change the dynamic. They’re entitled to complain and my way of responding is the only way I know, playing football.

I understand the paranoia that we are suffering as we’re conceding goals from dead-balls & as goalkeeper I accept responsibility. I’ll take my portion of the blame. We as a team however need to find the answers as the problems are starting to accumulate.”

- Iker Casillas, after the match against Atletico de Madrid | 13-09-14



Bale copies Ronaldo’s goal celebration | 9.9.2014

 It isn’t copying, it is sharing a celebration!!!

Okay!!! It is not copying…Sigh!!…I am. not. copying. Crissy!


Damon : meaning behind the name.

12/9/99 The most important day in my sports life: debut with @realmadrid
That game in the old #SanMames
fulfilled dream of that child who entered the club in 91.
Nerves, admiration, happiness, … and many more feelings that made me enjoy this moment.
There is always a beginning…”
- Iker Casillas via Instagram.

Cristiano Ronaldo & Gareth Bale having fun during Real Madrid’s final training-session ahead of the league-clash with Atlético de Madrid [+]

Cristiano Ronaldo with Cristiano Ronaldo Jr at the Mutua Madrid Open tennis tournament.

IKER, Sergio & Sara -   FIBA World Cup 2014 - 1/4 Final - Spain vs. France 10/09/14

Who gets to take Real Madrid’s free kicks?

Something that would allow me to eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream without having an effect on the scales.”- Mats Hummels’ wish for an invention